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"i am chairman of tennis club in nw london and some of our members have been highly delighted with the service received from London Strings. They take the trouble to try and ensure that you have the correct strings and tension for your style of play etc."

Stephen Phillips

"Have been using London Strings for years. Paul is incredibly helpful and intent on making sure customers are happy. There really is no need to go elsewhere."

Neelesh Sonawane

I am very pleased with the results of my racket restringing. I contacted Paul by phone and he was knowledgeable with different types of strings and took an interest in what I was after to improve my game play.

The drop off was simple and Paul was able to turn it around very quickly because he knew I had a match coming up. I would highly recommend.

Harvey Jullien

" I have never hit the ball sweeter since the restring with London Strings."

Ian, Acorn Tennis Club

For other Japanse players with raquet, I recommend London Strings service."
Thank you so much!

Koichi, Luxembourg

"Great service. Very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring a reliable and efficient re-stringing service. 10/10."
  Simon L - London

"I always have my Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT restrung by London Strings. I can drop it off at virtually any time and can request it as urgently as required. I know the feel of my racket at correct tension and that's the feeling I get every time with London Strings. With all that service at a fantastic price, I won't be going anywhere else."
  Andy - London

"Many thanks for the excellent re-stringing service on my badminton racquet. The stringing was done to professional standard. It was also great to have your advice on the type of strings on offer to suit my style of play and budget, along with applying the right sort of string tension. The improvements to the grip also made a difference!

I chose the Yonex Nanogy 98 string, and I’m really pleased with it. I could feel the amazing difference, with more response to my shots as a result, plus accuracy of direction. Even if you haven’t busted the string, it’s worth upgrading the string spec if you are a regular player, or a player hoping to improve your game.

The whole process was easy and relaxed, hassle free, which in my book is the best way! So I can highly recommend your ‘London Strings’ service to anyone who loves playing badminton or tennis, or indeed to any other racquet players!"
Yours sincerely
Karim H. Smith

"Just wanted to say thanks for the job done on my racquet. Played last night and won all 4 games! Control is great - much better than before. New overgrip works well too. Slightly more vibration it felt like, but maybe that’s due to the increased tension compared to previous.
Either way, very happy with the job. I've also got another racquet here that needs stringing. One of the guys I play with was impressed with the job done on mine and how it now plays so would like his done the same."
Sam Kincaid
EggTank Productions

"Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the racket restringing. Excellent service and quality job. Many thanks, Martin."
Martin T, North London

"I've had two outings with my newly re-strung racquet and I can now report highly satisfactory performances.
The ball hits the racquet much crisper than I remember and I feel it flies off with a bit more control than I usually have; certainly I have more accuracy when I have time to place the ball well.
Many thanks for all your help recently."
Patrick Casey, Kent

“Having been let down by another stringer, I gave London Strings a try and was not disappointed. Plenty of choice for all styles and budget. Patient and courteous, Paul helped me make my choice of string and decide on the gauge and tension as well. A solid, reliable service, thanks!

The tackiness and cushioning of the overgrip are superb and enhance the feel of the racket during shots. Very easy to set up and durable. Well worth a try!”
Dimitri B, Saffron Walden

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service. Done a great job on the strings and the grip and overgrip were really easy to put on, following your instructions. I shall definitely be back... and recommend you to others!


Mick Robson

"Many thanks for everything has been by far the easiest stringing service I have found in London!
All the best,"

Freddie Fuller

"Wow, I whooped my poor opponent - thanks so much, my racquet is awesome after restring 🙂 "
Jody Clarke, London

"I found "London Strings" service on the web-site just beore visiting London for my business trip, as I was looking for a good stringing service for squash raquet that I could not find in my current living country. Before asking this service, there were lots of concern like "How about quality of stringing?" "Can this service finish in three days?"
As a result, I am fully satisfied with this string service quality on my raquet, futhermore Paul's flexible help,