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                                                                                  S Q U A S H

 £ - Performance Strings - 

 39 Bow Brand Professional or Klip (Natural) Gut

33 (+1.95 P&P)  Tecnifibre X-One Biphase (1.18mm) World Class Quality Multifilament

35 (+1.95 P&P) Ashaway Powernick ( High Class monofilament; durability, power/control)

                                                                                                           31 Tecnifibre 305 (World Class Top quality multifilament)

                                                                                                33 Ashaway Supernick XL Pro (Quality multifilament; power/control)

24 Head Perfect Power (Good Club level multifilament - feel/power/comfort

£ - Club Level Strings -

22 Synthetic Gut  (Less power & control than multifilament strings but gives comfort & more durability) 

18 Using your own strings

 Any strings that we don't keep a reel of will usually have a £1.95 P&P charge to order in. 



(Or Racketball Strings)


36  Tecnifibre 505 HPR 1.18mm High quality multifilament

29 Ashaway Superkill XL Textured surface27 Tecnifibre XR1 1.25mm 

29 Tecnifibre XR1 1.25mm

26 Head Megablast 1.25mm (durable, less string movement 


(All prices include stringing AND strings.) 


(See the Accessories page)

Dampeners £1.90.  

Replacement PU Cushioned Grip £4.99.

Overgrips (various colours) from £1.30 each  

From £7.50   New Grommet Strip (+ £5 Fitting) 

£1.00  Logo Stencils on the string      


Half Price Rackets

(See the Rackets For Sale page)


Please note, we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £4 per week for any customer not collecting their racket/s after 14 days of them being ready for collection, or 14 days after drop off & no customer communication when no restring is done. Any rackets not collected after 3 months will be disposed of due to storage space limitations. If any overdue fees become more than the estimated value of a customer's racket/s + restringing costs, we reserve the right to dispose of those rackets to recover our losses after 2 months of restring completion.