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Our Best Sellers ....


Many More Strings Available



 £ - Performance Strings - 

48 Babolat VS Touch or Team Natural Gut (1.25mm - 1.35mm)

46 Klip Legend Natural Gut (1.35mm)

39 Tecnifibre X-One Biphase (Quality multifilament)

34 Wilson NXT Tour (Quality multifilament) 

31 Babolat Xcel (Quality multifilament for comfort)

31 Babolat RPM Blast (Durable co-poly, big spin + big control) 

27 Wilson Sensation (Quality Multifilament)

26 Babolat Pro Hurricane (Durable monofilament) 

26 Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 (shaped co-poly for bite, big spin, comfort, durability, power and control)

26 Tourna Black Zone 17 (Smooth, durable poly, excellent for control and feel)

23 Hybrid ; Pro's Pro Vendetta (Budget, durable Co-poly with power & control) + Synthetic Gut - (durable for string breakers) 

£ - Club Level Strings -

22 Pro's Pro Hi-Tech Multifiber (Value multifilament for more feel & power than polys - outer wrap for added durability.) 

21 Synthetic Gut (Less power & control than multifilament strings but gives comfort & more durability) 

16 Using your own strings 

(All prices include stringing AND strings.) 


(See the Accessories page)

Dampeners £1.90.  

Replacement PU Aero Grip £4.99.

Overgrips (various colours) from £1 each  

£7.50   New Grommet Strip (+ £5 Fitting) 

£1.00  Logo Stencils on the string      


Half Price Rackets

(See the Rackets For Sale page)


Please note, we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £4 per week for any customer not collecting their racket/s after 14 days of them being ready for collection, or 14 days after drop off & no customer communication when no restring is done. Any rackets not collected after 3 months will be disposed of due to storage space limitations. If any overdue fees become more than the estimated value of a customer's racket/s + restringing costs, we reserve the right to dispose of those rackets to recover our losses after 2 months of restring completion.